Custom Helicopter Tour

Let Coastal Helicopters take you exploring deep into the 1500 sq. mile Juneau Icefield.

Duration : Minimum 3 hours (transportation time included)

If you’re a helicopter enthusiast and looking to do something above and beyond our standard tours, let us work with you to help make a Custom Helicopter Tour just for you! We can provide as much flight time as our helicopters will allow, and orchestrate a glacier landing and walkabout to give you an up close and personal glacier experience. This is a prime choice for anyone with an extra special request or passengers who want to put their cameras to the test!

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Your Custom Helicopter Tour gives you access deep into the 1500 sq. mile Juneau Icefield, reaching many glaciers unattainable by means other than our uniquely suited helicopters. Within moments of your departure, you will be flying over the breathtaking azure blue ice spires and deep crevasses that abound in the Juneau Icefield. Narration is provided by your highly trained pilot-guide and all passengers are outfitted with two-way headsets to allow for clear and complete communication between all passengers. We can arrange to make a landing on one of the many vast, unforgettable glacier landscapes where you will be able to step out into the awesome and spectacular surroundings, or you can choose to spend your entire trip in the helicopter itself, soaking up the far-reaching landscape of Juneau. Be sure to bring your camera, as you can be sure that every picture will be a memory in the making.

Your tour time is limited only by the length of your stay in Juneau and applicable schedule restraints. Transport to and from the pier and safety briefing time will add approximately 1.5 hours to any tour length.

Landings on glaciers inside the Tongass National Forest are under permits issued by the USDA Forest Service.

All reservations are reviewed and evaluated by Coastal Staff Members with reference to the expected cruise ship schedule to insure a timely return to your ship.

Coastal Helicopters will provide transportation to and from the downtown cruise ship docking area or select area hotels at no additional cost. Approximate transport time is 25 minutes each direction and is factored into the overall tour length.

The total price of this tour depends entirely on your requests! Prices are calculated based on charter rental rates and include tax and transport to and from the ship and any applicable landing fees. Maximum seating in the aircraft is six passengers, depending on weight and balance.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made at least 7 days prior to a scheduled tour will be refunded in full. Cancellations made 4 – 7 days prior to a scheduled tour will be charged 50%. Cancellations within 4 days of your scheduled tour will not be refunded. Cancellations must be confirmed via e-mail or phone with a Coastal employee. If Coastal Helicopters cancels a flight due to weather, cruise ship, or flight delay, and we are unable to reschedule to a later time, the passenger will be refunded. Decisions to fly are at the discretion of Coastal Helicopters, Inc.

Any disparity between charge and refund amounts due to currency fluctuations is the sole financial responsibility of the purchaser. All prices and transactions are in US Dollars.

Contact Coastal Helicopters now to schedule your tour and begin your helicopter adventure today!

Call: 1-800-789-5610 within the US only
907-789-5610 local and outside of the US

If you choose to include a glacier landing on your Custom Tour, dress warmly and in layers, as the temperature on the glacier is often colder than you are used to. You will be outfitted with a glacier over-boot prior to embarking on your trip, please wear rubber soled shoes such as a light hiking boot or athletic shoes to insure a good fit. Don’t forget your sunglasses, scarf, hat and gloves, and remember to bring your camera with space for lots of pictures! These tours are for EVERYONE, no minimum fitness level is required. If you have any fitness concerns or special needs, please advise us at the time of booking.

Safety: Customer safety is our primary concern at Coastal Helicopters, Inc. Whether you are joining us for your first helicopter experience or as a seasoned veteran heading back to work in a remote region Coastal Helicopters calls home, our staff is here to make sure you are comfortable from take off to landing. Throughout the year we subject our aircraft, pilots, maintenance and support staff not only to training and inspections required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), but also to independent and internal audits, inspections by the Office of Aircraft Services (OAS) /U.S. Forest Service and are very committed to the Alaska Air Carriers Association’s Medallion Program (providing a level of safety for all passengers above and beyond that required by the FAA).

We have a no bag policy in all our aircraft, if you have medical needs that require a carry on, please contact us. All bags brought to base will be stored in the tour office until you return from your flight.

Due to current snow conditions at our Dog Sled camp we have had to close earlier than scheduled. Our Dog Camp will be closed on August 7th for the remainder of the season.

Due to current snow conditions at our Dog Sled camp we have had to close earlier than scheduled. Our Dog Camp will be closed on August 7th for the remainder of the season.