We offer four different helicopter tours that provide astounding opportunities to see the Juneau Icefield and its amazing rock formations, plunging ice falls and towering spires. You’ll soar over the mountains, valleys and glaciers on your way to your chosen landing site, where you’ll have the opportunity to spend time basking in the magnificent landscape, or take an invigorating and breath-taking dog sled tour with Blue Kennels on the Herbert Glacier, or even take a ride in Alaska Airboat Adventures’ uniquely designed shallow draft airboat for a seal’s eye view of the beautiful Taku Glacier.

To view a more detailed description of each of our helicopter tours, as well as pricing, transportation details, reservation information and policies for each of these tours, please make your selection below

All reservations are reviewed and evaluated by Coastal Staff Members with reference to the expected cruise ship schedule to insure a timely return to your ship.

Icefield Tour

Take a 1 hour tour over the
spectacular rock formation
and icefalls of the Juneau
Icefield as it heads toward
either Herbert, Taku,
Lemon or Norris Glacier.

Dog Sled Tour

This legendary experience includes flying over the Juneau Icefield to dog camp and a dogsled ride with an Iditarod Musher.

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